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How to Wrap a Candle

If you are wondering how to wrap a candle properly. Then you have found the right place to ask your question. You should know that candles can get really big and very heavy. Especially if they have been waxed or wrapped with resin or tar. They can weigh several pounds, so you should be careful. That you do not put them on top of other objects which could damage them. You may be surprised at how to wrap a candle properly if you read through this article.

When you have decided on how you want to wrap a candle. The first thing that you need to do is to tape the tape to the inside of the box which you will be using as the holder. Wrap the tape around the entire candle body, except for the long sides. It does not have to be super neat, because just being slightly more elaborate will work just as well.

The long sides are best left open so that the person working with the candles can spread the scent around. Place the wrapped candle inside of the plastic bag and tuck the tissue paper under it. Secure the bag with the sticky side of the tape.

Tips For Success

If you have ever watched someone light up a candle with the thought in their mind to learn. How to wrap a candle, then you know exactly how to light them with care. It can be rather dangerous, even if the person performing the act has good intentions. As even one small spark can start a fire. So, what do you do when you’re invited to a party and you don’t want to risk starting a fire? You simply put some old newspaper in a Ziploc bag and place it over the fire. And that should solve your problem.

If you don’t want to rip the wrapping on your candle before lighting it. You want to avoid burning your hands trying to wrap the one end, use a hot glue gun. Placing a hot glue gun over the exposed ends and holding it at the base of the candle. While sliding the hot glue between the two ribbons that are separating the two ends of the candle, will result in no extra damage to the wrapping and you won’t have any issues with burning your hands. Wrap the candle in clean tissue paper for safety.

Rip The Wrapping On Your Candle

It does not have to be overly neat, just because it’s going in another container it doesn’t have to be overly neat.

Place the paper flat on either side of the candle, making sure it is securely secure with either ribbons or ties. If the paper is flat, it will ensure that there is no gap between the two ends of the ribbon or tie and there is no area where the heated air can escape. If the paper is not flat, it will create a space and the end result will either be a hot air balloon (not good for the decorations) or a flame that may not spread. Secure the ribbon or tie by sewing it down through the center of one of the holes in the paper flat. This will ensure that it is completely secure and the heat resistant coating will prevent it from catching fire.

Step by Step Instructions

How to wrap a candle in a jar is not as difficult as some people may assume. In fact, the process of wrapping candles has been around for centuries and the method is quite simple. Although it does require a little bit of practice. The basic idea is to apply enough glue to the bottom of the jar or container to make sure that the glue is strong enough to adhere the paper flat to the sides of the container. Once the paper flat is on the sides of the container. The adhesive should be allowed to dry before the next step. The next step in this process is to secure the jar or container to another surface by securing the tape that was used to attach the paper flat to the sides of the container onto the other surface.

For those who are new to the process of candle wrapping. It can often be very difficult to see how the tape is being held onto the edges of the container. For those who have never done this before, it can often be helpful to first place a folded piece of paper flat on the bottom of the jar or container, covering the flat area with one of your thumb’s. Once the flat piece of paper is secured to the bottom of the container. Use one of your fingers to push the bottom edge of the paper flat against the bottom edge of the tape.

Process Of Candle Wrapping

This will adhere the paper flat to the sides of the tape. The end result will be a circle that represents the inner ring of the candle. From here, it is a simple matter of running the desired amount of tape along the sides of the tape to secure the candle onto the inside of the circle.

The final step for those of you who have never done this before is to fold. The two circles of tape so that there is a thin line that runs from the inner edge of one of the sides to the other edge of the tape. This thin line is the bottom of the candle. Once this is done, it is a simple matter of applying one end of a double stick tape to one end of the bottom ring of the candle . Sliding it along the pleat until the bottom edge is securely seated.

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